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Customer service, by Azorim

Our customer service is here to help so you can enter your new apartment with a smile. Our representatives are attentive, skilled and highly experienced in providing service to tens of thousands of residents who choose to buy an Azorim apartment.
Our  Customer service reps will accompany you along the way, guide you through administrative procedures and required permits and update you on progress of construction.

Customer service has three departments:
1. Pre-Population department handles all processes up to land registration and transfer of ownership rights.
2. Post-Population department is at your service for any questions you might have after moving in.
3. Transfer department handles anything you might require in order to transfer the property in your name.

We wish you a full and happy life as part of the Azorim community !

Pre-Population department

This department will assist you with anything you need after signing the contract, from information concerning the progress of the project, completion of construction and actual occupancy. Along the way you will be helped in completing the requirements and procedures: purchase tax payments, obtaining guarantees, mortgage registration, various payments, and any other personal requirements.

Office management Azorim -
Customer service and office :
Arnia Street 32 , Tel Aviv Center ,
Tel Aviv 03-5632632
Business hours 8:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Post-Population department

Congratulations! Welcome to your new apartment and the Azorim community. We are still here to help, and we'll be happy to assist in any issues related to construction and infrastructure throughout the warranty period, and even later. Customer service is available by email and by phone, Sunday till Thursday. After service hours you are welcome to leave a message stating name, telephone number and the project in question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Transfer department

Department representatives will accompany you from the date you receive the property until you register at the Land Registry (Taboo). Assistance includes certificate of rights ("taboo extract"), commitment to register a mortgage (new/"recycling" existing mortgage) and transfer of rights in the occasion of sale, divorce, will, etc.

Department representatives will be happy to meet you in person by appointment: Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 08:30-12:30, Tuesday from 08:30-16:30

The company's offices are located on 32 Oswaldo Arania St., Tel Aviv.

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