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For our residences and their rich social life


At Azorim we believe in people, and the people who surround them. That's why, besides the meticulous and advanced planning, we are driving a concept which puts the community at center stage.
At the basis of each of the dozens of our projects there is a balance between the privacy of family life and the relationship with new neighbors. Living in an Azorim apartment means to enjoy a special sense of belonging.
Our projects are designed with consideration to the nature of the surroundings and public spaces, and finding smart solutions that will enable rich and interesting community life. For example, leisure complexes, public facilities, shopping centers and green open spaces, tailored to the nature and needs of the residents.



Welcome home, to your new apartment


Purchasing a new apartment from Azorim is a smart move for a number of reasons:

  • The architectural design offers a spacious living environment and a range of practical solutions for comfortable life. Our range of apartments include modern spaces in various sizes, garden apartments, mini-penthouses and penthouses. 
  • In construction we apply advanced technologies and high quality materials and amenities. 
  • Azorim creates communities with hundreds of residential units. This means you will always have someone to turn to who is also responsible for developing the surroundings and all the necessary infrastructure.
  • Azorim carefully selects prime locations for its building projects.
  • All of Azorim's activities are fully transparent, and its financial strength is unquestionable. That's the reason that buying a new apartment from Azorim is a responsible and smart move.



50 years of attention to details


Azorim has been initiating and planning projects in Israel for over 50 years; over half a century of careful attention to the needs of residents, modern architecture and dedicated customer service, which has led us to become one of the long-lasting companies in the Israeli field of real estate.
Azorim is a public company traded on TASE. Controlling shareholder is international businessman Mr. Hershey Friedman.
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